Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Perumazhakaalam - a balance of sensible emotions
Movies portray emotions, some realistic some exaggerated.
I am not leading not concluding that one is better than the other.
I enjoy all genres, but some more than others; and then selected movies across these genres more than the lot.

Often I have tried to analyse what makes it work for me, and I find the balance a key aspect.
Hence perumazhakkaaalam. Balance in amount of emotions, amount of music and quality of it, balance in the total happiness quotient, balance in roles for actors.
Here are some arguments to the effect:
1. There are two romantic songs in the movie. One based in the north kerala mappila pattu Hindustani ragas and another based in Carnatic ragas for a more Hindu Iyer mode(not an expert here... Just a little ahead of the common music enthusiast at best). And both these songs are awesome: kallayi kadavathe & chentharmizhi.
2. The key roles played very convincingly by Meera Jasmine and Kavya Madhavan have each their turns to set the screen and the audiences minds on fire with some brilliant acting. Through the clever slicing of parts, the storyteller has you believe that one is better than the other, and then flips the tables on you. At the end the ladies were the two poles around which the movie wins you over.
3. Importance of supporting roles - Mala Aracindakshan is possibly one of the most typecasted underrated actor in malayalam; mammukoya another. And this movie is a lesson to what these actors can achieve when given meaty roles. The balance they bring to the otherwise bi-polar is amazing. Hats off.
4. The total happiness quotient of the movie is not too negative even when the subject is a no one wins plot. To put a positive spin to the movie, the story picks out just the right measure of despair to empathise with the characters and wraps it with just an iota less of colourful moments and cheer.
5. No super hero - even with super heroesque Dileep, who would want to overact his typical comical nuance (am I too harsh on the guy or did he earn it? Not sure). This movie had one of the most sensible acting from him. His counterpart in the movie, vineeth, too has portrayed his role with balance. Just enough of these characters are shown in the movie to not leave out and feel connected to the plot that revolved around then as much as the ladies.

Enough on the balance; the next item I have to mention is the constant rain, and in agreement to the movie title. There is a constant, almost unreal, rain switching on and off, and with references in dialogues and songs. It marks the helplessness, the gloom, the nothing can be done today feeling that brings back memories of growing up in Kerala.

The other thing I have to mention is the music. FABULOUS - in the days of cassettes and records, this would be one you could not miss. My fav? Rakkilithan vazhi marayum novin perumazha kaalam.
I kid you not - I was in tears when this song played, and then for most parts of the movie. Watch it !!

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Saturday, August 07, 2010

An ode to first flight

My eagle has flown
I watched her put on fresh talons and aspire to take flight
This seems a first of many, that i hope takes her to higher grounds.

My eagle has flown...
Dear, hope along she has a rocking ride
And to you my eagle ... I know you are strong.

Thursday, July 08, 2010


how much for canneloni at restaurant in new york city? 20 dollars per person.

Terminal holds top honours in my favorite movies club.

After 2 days in delhi, gurgaon and noida roads, here I am having my first canneloni ever. Have to admit i am not so much of an italian foodie, this one is for gate 64, tom and zeta.

Only wish i had someone around to share this with :(

alas; bad roads, endless commutes, lonely nights, are all the only companions.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A bag of goodies ...

Well, coming home after a long time is a great thing... A renewed touch to everything ;-)
So heres me blogging from my Nokia E 72.

Watching the avatar 3d @ pvr gold class ... We are going overboard. Seems the only time to splurge.

And now to the real part... I am listening to 'ek pyar ka nagma hain' from the movie shor. Just another great song from the golden era. Havent seen the movie, but the song seems so much about the family and bonds. Just wondering if you guys watched this video on family that is circulating on social networks nowadays. A funeral in which the wife talks about him and how its the small things that matter in the end.

Aaron turned two today and dad & mum are cleared to travel back to India. So many things happening at the same time. Deb reached uk, Nina got away from office early today :) etc.

Wanna leave you with some lines in the song:

'Zindagi aur kuch bhi nahin ... Teri meri kahaani hai'
'do pal ke jeevan se ... Ek umr churana hai'
'tu mera sahara hai , main tera sahara hai'
'toofan ko aana hai aakar chale jana hai, badal hai ye kuch pal ka chaakar dhal jaana hai'

love you all ...

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Take it easy ...

I was reading my own "Army SSB post" and this one snapshot jumped back in to thoughts

Our instructor would say "In the army, we just like to be prepared "(read officers love to be late ..... But you better be waiting).So tomorrow morning 730 line up in the parade ground (730 am winter in bhopal in PT uniforms .... you would freeze your ass off)
And you wait for the JCO for 45mins to laze out with friends.

Then it happened ... A lovely school girl (on a scooty pep) ... I am sure i can recollect the registration plates if i think hard enough :)) ... rides by in front of us. DUUUUDDEEE .... Made our day ... we could wait there forever in that cold ... If only she kept riding by :)

All of us (must be around 100 + ) oggled at the lady.... 'Absolute Silence for 15 seconds' ... I am sure most of us didnt even breathe . and she just rode past ignoring the whole lot of us.

Man, You need balls to do that ....
I am guessing with her confidence, the lady would be a model by now ;)

And the title is inspired by Eagles "Take it easy" ... Remember the ad on scooty pep?
Broken car, babe, guy on a scooty ??? Take it easy


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy days

I must be a romantic inside .... I believe its a gift to feel in love over and over again ... Song "Are re .. are re" from Happy Dayz. Maybe its that i miss her so much ... but anyways ... song is amazingly sweet.

Watched the movie painfully in parts on youtube. :)

And cant wait to get back .... love you baby!
Heres a pic of me mad with love ... singing listening to are re are re ... manase jaare ...

Tamannah looks cute ... liked shravs for the cameo she did ... nice job .. something really mysterious about the person. Rated for romantics and nostalgics... will leave you wanting for an analgesic though for the longing in your heart.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fashion .... the movie

there is a pain about the movie...
Have to pen down the thoughts before other thoughts kill it!

Loved Kangna in the movie. There was many a shots where she was arrogant but Priyanka takes the cakes with some real sarcastic and arrogant lines.

However, Kangna looked so loveable towards the end. The way she looks at priyanka in the talk about the comeback showstopper role. just so tender and innnocent and helpless.

The music is fantastic. I love the 'mar jaawa' ... listening over and over to it... shruthi pathak again has a tenderness to her voice.

The cinematography also is quite attractive, with amazing costumes and gliteratti on display throughout the movie.

Cheers Madhur...

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